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Discuss Church teachings about the pilgrimage site and what you expect to learn from visiting the site
The chapel of Rue De Bac, did believe the apparition with Catherine Laboure really did happen, mostly due to the witnesses, and also because there are other churches in Europe who have approved the apparition. There are stories on how this apparition occurred. The apparition happened twice in the chapel of Rue De Bac. The church teachings discuss how Mary appeared to Catherine Laboure and how apparition impacted on people’s lives. When the time comes I will travel to Rue De Bac, in Paris, France. I will expect to see many Christians there, praying, strengthening their relationship with their faith. I will expect to have a stronger connection with my faith, because I believe in Jesus Christ, and knowing his Mother appeared to Rue De Bac, and giving Catherine Laboure a mission, it truly shows the love and passion we should have towards our faith. I am hoping and looking forward to learning the apparition of the chapel, and experiencing how Catherine Larbour responded to Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. I read about Catherine Laboure body being incorrupt and how the body is clean and looks like the body was just placed in yesterday. I will expect the body to still be like that, to show that Catherine Laboure has been Blessed.

Describe the term 'marian apparition' and explain its relationship to visiting pilgrimage sites
The word “apparition” comes from the late Latin word apparitio which means “appearance” or “presence.”An apparition is named when a sudden appearance of a supernatural entity manifests itself to a human person or group. Once the apparition as occurred, they often name the town where the event took place. I read more about marian apparition and truth be told, marian apparitions sometimes are reported to happen again, over an extended period of time. In the majority of Marian apparitions only a few peoplea report having witnessed the apparition. On 18th July 1830, Mary appeared twice like I mentioned in the last entry. A child went up to Catherine Laboure’s bed and told her “The Blessed Virgin is waiting for you.” Once Mary disappeared, the relationship between Christians and the pilgrimage reinforced. People from all over Europe will travel to this Rue De Bac, just like what I am planning on doing. Once the apparition was approved, Christians travelled to Rue De Bac praying to Catherine Labour body, because they realised Mary our Mother came and gave this pilgrimage a mission. It was the mission of making and distributing the medal of the Immaculate Conception, now known as the Miraculous Medal.
 Identify and explain the importance of the pilgrimage site to Christians

Rue De Bac is a Marian Pilgrimage in Paris, France. Before the journey to the pilgrimage site takes place, I have researched and read on a body of Catherine Laboure. Catherine Labour died on 31st December 1876. When her body was exhumed after fifty-seven years of burial, it was found to be completely incorrupt and supple. Before the death of Catherine Laboure, the apparition occurred on 18th July 1830. Proof shows that Mary appeared twice to Catherine in the chapel. The sign of when the apparition took place made Christians have a stronger faith. Our Blessed Virgin Mary waited for Catherine in the Cathedral.  Mary said “God wishes to charge you with a mission.” When Mary disappeared, the media knew about what happened that late night. People all around Europe came to see this miracle. Just like how I am planning on travelling to the site. People’s faiths were being reinforced since the apparition took place. Therefore this pilgrimage site is important to Christians because Rue De Bac is an approved appearance and Christians would go to Catherine Laboure’s body for healings to take place.

Rue De Bac, Paris France Introduction
The pilgrimage site that I am studying and writing entries on Rue De Bac, Paris, France. I am looking forward to go to this Pilgrimage site because I have studied, researched and am interested to learn more about the apparition of Rue De Bac. Before I travel to Paris, France I am writing 4 entries including this one on the importance of this chapel.